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STRESSing You Out?

Clutter Girl 


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And Stop STUFF-ering, today!

Who is Clutter Girl?

(and why should you care?)

Which of these sound familiar?

* Cupboards and cabinets crammed beyond capacity 


* A garage that's used as a giant junk drawer


* Bulging closets you dread/avoid having to open


* Piles of miscellaneous "I'll get to it later" items covering every flat surface in the house


* The beauty product warehouse under your bathroom sink ...


If you identified with even one of the above scenarios, you're bogged down by too much stuff!


Never fear, Clutter Girl is here to help restore order, space, and serenity to your home and your life!


Whether you're downsizing, Empty Nesting, divorcing, handling the belongings of a departed loved one or just fed up with living in chaos, Clutter Girl will facilitate the (often challenging) process of getting the ball rolling and confronting this much-procrastinated "Chore".


Clearing your life of clutter is a joyous, freeing process that involves much more than the tangible task. Contemplating what you really want and need in your life and coming to focus on what is important to you on a deeper level are the foundation of any winnowing process.


Sound crazy? Take a leap of faith and be willing to keep an open mind. (Pssst. Read these testimonials of "clutter converts" and check out some before & after photos -- they'll surely spur you into action!)


Crammed cupboards, the gargantuan junk drawer that's supposed to be a garage, closets that cannot close and that cool desk you're pretty sure is buried somewhere under Paper Mountain in the office...If any of these scenarios strike a nerve or make you twitch ... it's time. Time to let Clutter Girl restore order, space and serenity to your home and your life!


You do not need to have a heart-to-heart with each t-shirt, binge watch HGTV or become a minimalist to learn to part with possessions that are weighing heavily on your mind, your sense of peace and your pocketbook! 




"Clutter isn't just the stuff in your closet, it's whatever stands between you and the life you want to be living." 

Who is Clutter Girl?

Clutter Clearing Options:

Ours is not a cookie-cutter business. Some clients prefer to leave the process to the pros and have us get the job done without them, others want to be involved every step of the way and some prefer a little of both!


Accordingly, we've structured three Basic Services with a la carte options available to all. (Note: we're extremely flexible and amenable to all clients' preferences and are happy to work in any productive manner that makes sense to you.)

all you need 



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