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How it Works

You do not have to read a bunch of books, have a heart-to-heart with each t-shirt, binge watch HGTV or become a minimalist to learn to part with possessions! Seriously, we’ve been at this for years and the only thing you need to do to start down the path towards a less cluttered existence is contact us!


We will respond right away to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION so we can meet and discuss the particulars of your scenario -- things like:


  • area(s) that concern you and your dream result?

  • do you want to participate or have us take the reins?

  • what sort of materials (bins, hangers, etc) might your job require?

  • specific donation targets, consignment goals, etc.


Then, we’ll email you a follow-up proposal and estimate and when you decide you’re ready for the serenity that comes with the freeing your self from the bondage of stuff, we’ll schedule your start date.


  • Gives you the hard sell

  • Judges, guilts or shames

  • Lectures

  • Insists or pressures (unless you ask us to at the outset!)

  • Discloses personal information

Clutter Girl
  • Appreciates that each job is unique and treats it -- and you -- accordingly

  • Understands that parting with some things might be difficult and is well equipped to handle any emotions we encounter along the way

  • Is always respectful of your wishes and knows that they are subject to change!

  • Does her best to facilitate a pleasant, non-disruptive parting of the ways for you and your abundance of things

  • Strives to ensure that your donations are allocated to appropriate, worthy charities

Clutter Girl
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